Health complex sanatorium is located in the center of a vast area of ​​2 hectares. In the five-storey dormitory for 200 places at your disposal 2-3h bed rooms with all amenities.

In the case of medical cabinets are:

- Inhalation;

- Salt treatments;

 - Physical therapy.

Beautiful large area, clean medical air saturated with fumes yodobromistymi beneficial algae, especially for those who are prone to respiratory diseases. The pension is very green. There are children's and sports playgrounds, library, video room.

Also available for accommodation houses with partial conveniences.

At your service:

- The provision of skilled care at any time of day

- Professional masseur with medical education, medical practitioner, sports and anti-cellulite massage

- Organize tours of h.Ochakovu in Mykolayiv, Odessa National Historical and Architectural Reserve "Olbia" boat trips to the island Berezan and Kinburn Spit.

Groups accepted Children educators-teachers for rest and treatment.

Health complex sanatorium at the same time can take about 300 tourists. Terms are not being limited.

The cost of living of the 4 razovovym food:

5-storey building 240,00 USD per day - 1 place

The cottages 200.00 USD per night - 1st place (from the city)

Mykolaiv and Odessa - a bus.

The order of transport to meet tourists.