Hostels and camps

Pension "Shatsky Lakes"
Sinevirske ozero, Sinevirskaya Polyana
ТОК "Narcis", Hust
Complex «Parus»
Complex “ Verhovyna”
Дитячий заклад санаторного типу лікувально-оздоровчий комплекс "Верховина"
Івано-Франківськтурист Карпатські зорі
Mykolayiv Ochakov
"Zbruch", Skala Podolska
"Podillya" Kamenecz-Podilskij

Overall about tourist centers and camps

   During the whole period of activity of the trade union tourism, its main purpose was to solve social problems – providing broad levels of population with recreation and wellness services for affordable and reasonable prices.

   Adopting the long-term experience in providing tourist services, we offer nice staff, delicious Ukrainian cuisine, fair prices for accommodation and related services of wellness and assistance during excursion.

  Our network has more than twenty tourist recreation complexes, they are: pensions, health centers, recreation centers, and child care centers of sanatorium kind.

   We offer 8 year round operating tourist complexes, most of them are located near ski-lifts, what attract lovers of skiing, skating and sledging or just admiring powerful and at the same time magic snowy mountain scenery of Carpathians and Transcarpathian. In winter almost in every centre you can use the ski equipment (skis, skates, sleds) and enjoy the fresh mountain air, you can also use your time for interesting excursion routes, many of which we offer in a section “Tours around Ukraine” or you can choose the route directly in the tourist camp where you’re planning to stay. We are located in: Mizhhirya, Tourist Health Complex (THC) “Karpaty”, Hust THC “Narciss”, Lumshory THC “Polonyna”, Rahiv THC “Tysa”, Sinevirska Poljana THC “Sinevirskoe Ozero”, Vijnitsa pencion “Cheremosh”, Kamianets-Podilskyi pencion “Podillya” etc.

   In summer there are children’s care complexes, children’s care centers of sanatorium kind and children’s camps on the coasts of famous rivers and lakes: “Verkhovyna”, “Karpatski Zori”, “Zbruch”, health centre “Lisovyi”, child health centre “Prydnistrovkyi”, recreation pension and summer camp “Cheremosh”.

   We offer you the health family recreation on the shore of Black and Azov Seas: the health centre “Parus” Berdyansk city on the Azov seashore and two health complexes of sanatorium kind “Ochakiv’ and “ Sonyachnyi Promin’ ”.

   At your desire you can order the actual related services: «Ukrainian flavour». This is a brilliant meeting in the best Ukrainian traditions, with specifics of the region (depending on the region of your stay). We promise you a fair price, group discounts, pleasant staff and unforgettable impressions.

Children’s summer camps

    Our children’s camps are great for active recreation and health care of your child in a big company of cheerful friends, with entourage of qualified and responsible staff, under control of medical professionals in a complex of related healing and entertaining events, excursion and informative programs. If you choose the camp on the shore of Black Sea you will get the nice fresh air full of useful iodine-bromine vapors of algae, especially useful for kids who are prone to respiratory diseases. Despite the proximity to the Black Sea shore the whole territory is buried in greenery. All our health complexes are located in wonderful places with fascinating panoramic views, where your kids can improve their health and completely enjoy the unique beauty of nature, either the coast of a wide river, picturesque lake or powerful mountains, green hills and huge age-long pines in a quiet forest.

   In some places we offer the children’s recreation combined with family vacation, when relatives can fully rest in a near-by building, with small kids. They enjoy the vacation and are situated in a close proximity to the older child, who is having a rest and improving health autonomously by the summer camp's rules and learning how to be independent and responsible.

   Choosing any of our children’s health complexes you get:


   All this along with comprehensive rehabilitation classes in various sports, exercise therapy, mineral water, various health and massage facilities and a number of preventive procedures.

         We are gladly waiting for you and your kids!