Pension "Shatsky Lakes" is located in a pine forest on the banks of the largest in Ukraine Svityaz picturesque lake, an area of ​​2750ha. And a maximum depth of 58 meters. Karst artesian supply lake gives it a clean and transparent, bicarbonate calcium, with low salinity, water healing properties

Lake Svityaz included in the group of 22 Shatskikh lakes, on the banks which created Shatsk National Park. Clean air, beautiful scenery, good living conditions conducive to proper rest.

The list and value-added services to guests

konferentsservisu services - conference hall 400 UAH per hour.
 Library (free).
tennis, billiard room (40 UAH for 1 hour).
 sports and dance floor.
 massage (150 USD)
 rental boats and catamarans (30 UAH for 1 hour)
 shops, markets, dining, cafes and bars.
parking (15 USD)
beds (50 USD)
beach (free).
football field with a sandy surface.
museum of flora and fauna of Shatsky edge

During his stay in the boarding house guests can take part in hiking. For a surcharge organized bus tours of the Shatsky National Park, in the city of Lutsk - Castle Westminster, Brest- Brest Fortress, Lviv - walks through the old city, Kovel, s.Kolodyazhne - a museum-estate Lesi Ukrainian, Vladimir-Volyn - Zymne Monastery. Nearby is the leisure park "Base Jack", which will offer interesting and exciting entertainment. Everyone will find something for themselves - rope park veloterytoriya, snukboll (SnookBall), water kayak trips, board games, eco cinema.

Figure races, rest and recovery program agreed with the customer. For a change of institution can improve 374lyudyny.

Accepted collective application for seminars, meetings, conferences, weekend groups, health and sports camps for children.


Your attention also offer conference rooms

Conference room
Conference room
wifi tv
400 UAH
1 hour